Fulla d’Ostra

Mertensia maritima, also known as Oyster leaf, is an edible plant that highly resembles oysters. This gourmet leaf inspired us to launch our restaurant Fulla d’Ostra (Oyster leaf) in Barcelona. Always seeking to provide gastronomic experiences, using selected fresh products with a touch of sophistication.

We decided to uproot and move to Mallorca, bringing the same team along with the same service and atmosphere. We will be pleased to welcome you in our gourmet space in the vibrant neighborhood of Santa Catalina, Palma de Mallorca.

Our Chef

Chef Hector Marceló

Hector Marceló was born in Santiago, Chile where he began to study cooking at elementary school and discovered his passion for the world of gastronomy.

During his professional career he travelled to different countries in Latin America, learning with renowned chefs get the best of each country and its culinary culture. With chef Guillermo Toro (Chile) he specialized in fish and seafood; the ceviches of the Peruvian cuisine with the chef Juan Carlos Betancourt, the meats and grills with the Argentine chef Martiniano Molina.

"I love the simple things of life, with the sophistication of a gourmet view"

Our wine selection

You are invited to enjoy a selection of the best rated wines
of Mallorca and the classic winemakers regions from Spain.

The selection is made by visiting the wineries, with the advice of sommeliers
and harmonizing with the dishes of the chef Hector Marceló.


Claudio Gutmann – Founding partner